Why Me

My mission as an independent mortgage agent is to provide a transparent, organized and reliable mortgage lending process that is customer focused. Purchasing a home is the single biggest cost of one’s life, thus stressful – I want to help make the process as easy as possible and with maximum visibility. I will walk you through the process step-by-step, from understanding what is required to get the best mortgage rate to obtaining funding to purchase your dream home or property.

My experience

Dane Moffatt, Moffatt Mortgage

Licensed Mortgage Agent – #M21000016

8+ years

With over 8 years of residential and commercial real estate lending experience including rolls in two major banks and currently real mortgage associates. My expertise in the industry will allow me to understand what is required to secure funding and what is best for your situation.

$100m+ loaned

I have closed many residential and commercial transactions of all sizes amounting to over $100 million + including single family residential, multi unit investment properties, cottages, mixed use, retail, office space, warehouse, industrial and raw land.


I have experience working with a wide variety of applicants including: self-employed, new to Canada, recent career change, seasonal employment, hourly wage, salary, pension income, separations, bad credit, no credit, low income, and more.

My advantage


Multiple service offerings and competing lender offers will ensure you have options that work for you while getting the best mortgage rate.

I offer a wide range of mortgage services, which include:

• Purchase
• Refinancing
• Mortgage renewal
• Home equity line of credit
• Rental or investment property
• Commercial mortgage
• Cottage (type A and B)

I have access to over 35 trusted Canadian lenders. When I submit your mortgage application, lenders compete for your business. The benefit of this is more options for you and lower rates. I will always communicate the best rates and terms to you.


I am committed to customer satisfaction and making the process as quick and easy as possible.

A good customer experience is beneficial to both of us and directly results in less stress. My approach to customer satisfaction includes:

• Clear communication on what is required to complete the application process;
• Timely responses to your questions and concerns; and
• Transparency along the way to ensure visibility into your mortgage (discussed below).

Please refer to my Google My Business rating for recent customer feedback and testimonials.


Transparency is essential to building trust and having visibility into your mortgage.

Lack of trust and transparency is one of the industry’s biggest complaints. I believe in a completely transparent process from start to finish – I will hide no details throughout the entire process and ensure you are informed every step of the way.

The key to providing you with visibility into your mortgage is educating you on the process and showing you your options. I will share the top three rates / options with you upon response from lenders. If you would like to see the complete list, I am more than willing to share the full details with you.

Fast Approval

Once I have received all information required for your application, expect lender responses within 48 hours on average.

Compiling the required information to complete your application can take some time given the number of documents required. I am constantly working on improving the process to expedite it.

I will submit your application immediately upon completion. On average I will start hearing back from lenders within 48 hours.


An organized and secure process is important given the time and data sensitivities.

I understand the urgency of securing a mortgage. One of my goals is to have an organized mortgage application process by communicating to you what is required and tracking the collection of data.

In addition, I take the necessary steps to keep your information secure and confidential. This includes proper passwords, computer protection via antivirus software, not sharing any information outside the lenders, deleting information after a completed process, and more.